Here are some affiliate links for products that I use and believe in.  I don't recommend any product unless it is something I use in the field.  Customer service from these companies must never disappoint me!  I want you to be able to trust in them when you purchase from them.


I use Think Tank Rolling Camera Bags for travel.  And I love their belt system when I'm in the field.  Students often laugh about my "geek belt" when they first arrive at my workshop, but after watching how easy it makes my field work, they end up buying one on the way home!  Why wait?  Email me from the contact page if you have any questions and I'll tell you exactly what I use for the belt system.

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Milky Way photography is really becoming popular!  If you are wanting to up your night sky game and get better images, think about getting a star tracker.  You can spend a lot of money on a high end tracker, but I decided to start small and went with the Move-Shoot-Move Tracker and I love it!  It is small in price, small in size and very small in weight!  So easy to pack along and it works very well for wide angle night sky work such as capturing the Milky Way.  It is also uniquely configured to allow for timelapse work with panning motion!  It bundles a lot of functionality in a small package.  

The company is from China and has always been very responsive to my questions.  The Facebook group is amazing and very helpful when you are just getting starting with a tracker.

Please email with any questions before you order.

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Topaz Labs products are my go to plug-ins to use from Lightroom or Photoshop.  I use DeNoise AI on every image!  Because I shoot with a high megapixel camera, there tends to be a bit more noise than I am used to.  But DeNoise makes that issue completely go away!  Check out their suite of programs that will help you get the most out of your digital images.  Whether you want to reduce noise, sharpen an out of focus image or just have some fun with special effects, Topaz has a product for you.  Great customer service!


If you want to learn my Perfect Pano Technique, you must start with a level tripod and camera.  The easiest way to do that is to use a leveling base.  I found the Acratech leveling base to be affordable, very well constructed and quick and easy to use.  Just what I'm looking for when I'm in the field!  If you go to their website via my affiliate link, they will give you free expedited shipping!  Yes, you can probably buy the same thing from Amazon for the same price.  But I try to buy directly from the company when I can, because I'd honestly rather give them the profit than Jeff Bezos!

I wouldn't think of doing a pano without their leveling base.  When you click on the purple box below, you will be taken to the leveling base page of their website.  Of course, they sell wonderful ball heads and camera L brackets too!

If you are joining me on a workshop, think about getting one before your trip.  I will be sharing my tips and tricks with you (and even a video/ebook on panos!) on the workshop, so come prepared with everything you need to make images that area anything but ordinary!