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Who me?? Blog??

April 4, 2016

Well, here goes nothing! 


I never thought I would write anything interesting enough to be the subject of a blog.   It's true, I love telling stories, and have some pretty interesting adventures that are fun to share.  But I didn't even consider having a blog until I started my photography website.  It came with a blog!  Well, ok then.  I guess I can just tell a story as if  you were here.  So that's what this is going to be, just me telling stories.  Gee, that doesn't sound intimidating now, does it?? 


So let's just dive right in, shall we?  Dive!!  Great place to start!  I just returned from the adventure of a lifetime,

two weeks on a boat in the Philippines.  No shoes, no worries, just diving and taking underwater photographs, sleeping, and then doing it all over again.  We lived on a boat named the Philippine Siren, a wooden hulled ship that was a perfect home for our adventure.  It was not a fancy cruise ship type boat, but it was rigged with divers in mind and had all the amenities necessary for photographers as well. 



The crew did a wonderful job making sure we were all comfortable and safe while having fun.  And along for the ride was our trip leader, Ron Watkins.  A world class underwater photographer, Ron dove with us to help us get great images underwater and had classes in the afternoon on underwater techniques.  Thank you Bluewater Photo for such a great trip!


The sea life in the Philippines was so different from what I'm accustomed to in the Caribbean.  There were all kinds of new critters to identify and so many nudibranchs!!  It was fun to finish a dive and run to the books onboard to figure out what you had just seen.


Underwater photography requires a completely different set of skills than landscape photography.  I joked that I would forever feel a little bit guilty being proud of a landscape image!  On land, I have a tripod, a remote release, plenty of time to compose the shot, and all the while breathing all the air I needed!  Underwater, everything is moving, there is limited light, there is limited air, and you have a responsibility to always be alert for your buddy's well being.  Oh, and then there is strobe position, current, depth, very venomous sea snakes...


But things began to feel comfortable after a few days of struggling and I managed to come away with some fun new images.  One thing for sure, I have a new respect for anyone that can produce a stellar underwater image! 


A shout out to my dive buddy and husband Tim, who took to underwater photography as he took to diving-with immediate grace and skill!  He makes it look easy, and got some really wonderful shots on the trip.  And he only got a little mad when he was running low on air and I wanted to keep taking photos!  I told you this was hard!!


Here is a gallery of some of my favorite shots from the trip.  Click on a photo for a larger image and a brief description of the photograph.  Thanks Philippines Siren and Bluewater Photo for a wonderful trip! 


Thank you for looking at my Philippines photographs! 


I'm off to mid Missouri for a workshop next weekend, then my semi annual pilgrimage to the Smokies the week after that.  So stay tuned for more updates and of course, more photographs.  I have lots to say (I can hear you chuckling!) and hopefully some fun images to share.  Until next time, enjoy Springtime!


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