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Backyard Birds

During the Covid frenzy, I found solace in photographing our backyard songbirds.  Our yard is partially wooded and I've been putting out seeds for them for years so we have many birds that regularly stop by.  But 2020 was the first time I spent hours in a little blind with my camera, photographing the little guys.  Quarantine turned me on to a new passion!

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Bluebird wisdom
Bluebird Watercolor
Tufted Titmouse Watercolor
Carolina Chickadee Watercolor
Goldfinch Male
Hummingbird 8
Hummingbird 7
Hummingbird 5
Hummingbird Inspiration
bluebird 2
bluebird 1
Hummingbird and flower
Winter tufted titmouse
Winter Nuthatch
Winter Chickadee
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