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Watching birds in your back yard is fun, but it doesn't compare to photographing birds in the wild.  There is the quest to even find them and then the hours spent waiting for them to pose in just the right light.  Getting the shot requires preparation, patience and a good bit of skill.  But it always leaves me with a smile when I "get the shot!"

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Arboreal chickadee, MN
Pyrrhuloxia, South TX
Indigo Bunting, MO
Indigo Bunting, MO
Green jay, TX
Audubon Oriole, TX
Mating display, Painted Bunting
Bald Eagle
Fishing eagle
Black crested titmouse
Texas woodpecker on final approach
The forest is my stage....
Audubon Oriole
Indigo bunting on the run
Flight school, Osprey, Illinois
Audubon oriole, TX
Green jay
Painted bunting
Prothonotary Warbler, singing in the spring
Prothonotary warbler, Mingo
Prothonotary warbler
Harris Hawk, flaps down!
Prothonotary warbler
Pyrrhuloxia, South TX
Painted bunting
Indigo Bunting on the wing
Crested Cara
Crested Cara
Short eared owl in twilight
Great Egret, bad hair day!
Indigo Bunting, MO
Peregrine falcon
Prothonotary warbler, Indigo Bunting on hemlock
Harrier Hawk
Short eared owl at sunset
Indigo bunting
Bald eagle
Loon Shower
Loon in Golden Light
Snowy owl banking turn
Great Gray Owl with Snowflake
Clearance for landing
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