Video Tutorials

It isn't easy to get to a workshop where you can learn from me in person.  The pandemic, the cost associated with travel and the time commitment are all factors that make it difficult to attend an in-person workshop or class.

I've been teaching zoom classes over the past year and I've so enjoyed interacting with students from all over the world!  But live classes still require you to set aside time to attend the zoom meeting, and that is a challenge.   So I've morphed into making instructional videos that you may purchase and watch any time and as many times as you like.

Class descriptions and how to purchase is below.   Join me for some fun learning opportunities!  It's the next best thing to hanging out with me in person!

My first class is LIVE!

opening slide-2.jpg

Are you ready to explore your creative side?  This class is a great way to learn all about taking your images and making them look like watercolor paintings in Photoshop.  

To be successful, you should have basic Photoshop skills.  I include a brief overview of PS, but I assume you have a working knowledge of basic processing in the program.  The video  goes over everything you need to know to produce watercolors.  I show 3 demonstration watercolors, from start to finish, so that you can watch me as I "paint" in Photoshop.

In addition to the video, you will receive a watercolor action that I created as well as 5 custom designed watercolor PS brushes.  I included one of my processed images and the watercolor I created from that photograph so that you can practice with some guidance.

My videos are hosted on  This makes it easy for you to download the class assets and watch the videos anytime.  Click on the Purchase Class box to be connected to Teachable where you can purchase the videos and get started!

New Class!
Learn to Frame Your Photographs!

Brayered Mask Example.jpg

You wouldn't think of hanging one of your photographs on the wall without some kind of frame, would you?

Of course not!

So don't post your work online or show it to others on screen without some kind of frame!

This class will feature actions that frame your photographs with one click, but allow you to customize the final look of the frame.

Also included are various masks that give your more artistic images a real pop and help them stand out from the crowd!

DSC07261-Edit.wc fr3.jpg

If you took the watercolor class, you don't want to miss this framing class!  It includes several actions that are a perfect way to finish off your watercolor images!

As with all my classes, the framing class is available on  In addition to the actions and masks, I include detailed videos to show you exactly how to use each asset.  I have purchased so many Photoshop Actions in the past, only to find them completely unusable because they failed to include any kind of tutorial!  I don't want you to feel lost, so the videos will guide you each step of the way to make sure your are successful as you work with your photographs.

The actions, masks and videos can all be downloaded, so you can watch them whenever you like and they are yours to keep.  

Give your photographs the artistic presentation they deserve!  Join me in my Framing Class and make your work stand out from the crowd!